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Our Story

The Starponte label forms part of a renowned and trusted institution in the food processing industry: Livestock Feed Ltd (LFL).

Established since 1977, with an annual production of around 150,000 tons, LFL is a major player in the Indian Ocean and in East Africa.

Having the support and professionalisation of small local egg producers at heart, it launched Les Pondeuses Réunies in 2017, an entity focusing on small family farms, overseeing the Starponte label.

Starponte, the label

Starponte is a quality label delivered by Socotec, an independent body in certification. Socotec ensures the optimum standards for our eggs in terms of quality, biosecurity, food safety and traceability.

It’s not only a guarantee for the consumer, we also put in place a structure to help and accompany the small family farms which are required to comply to strict guidelines, including different services: technical, veterinary, training, marketing.

Adhering to the Starponte label goes beyond their own benefit though: it’s also a chance for the egg producers to actively participate in the development of Mauritius’ economy giving to Mauritians a taste of farm-fresh products.

And we’ll let you in on our secret: 

happy hens on a super wholesome diet. By this, we mean no animal product – only thyme and rosemary essential oils for a healthy gut, and clean, natural ingredients.

Our Starponte eggs are also dated with the laying date and ensure full traceability.

Creamy, vibrant and decadently rich… Definitely more than just any other egg, Starponte is a moment of delight.