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Our certified farms

Golden Lay Ltd

Mr Masoude Emritte


T : 5765 3201

E : masoude.emritte@goldenlay.mu


Mr Vignesh Ramsamy


T : 5257 6160

Hardas Poultry Ltd

Mr Ashwin Hardas


T : 5250 4707

E : ash4707@yahoo.com

Soyogo Co Ltd

Mr Vinod Gunnoa


T : 5253 9292

Farms in the process of being certified

Celestra Eggs Limited

M. Toofany

T : 5769 5442

Zee Farm Ltd

M. Utim

T : 5729 3029

Akash Gunga

T : 59154275

Yousuf Mungra Ltd

T : 5717 0063

Starponte certification in steps

A farmer wants to join Starponte

Farmer contacts Les Pondeuses Réunies

First visit of farm by Les Pondeuses Réunies
Assessment of farm by Les Pondeuses Réunies technicians to identify gaps
Les Pondeuses Réunies sends implementation programme to farmer
Farmer agrees to budget and time frame
Signature of contract, whereby farmer commits to agreed programme
Monthly visits and assessments by Les Pondeuses Réunies technicians and veterinarians

Farm is ready

Socotec assessment

Congratulations! Farm passed the Socotec assessment and is now part of the Starponte label. This means free access to marketing tools, branding materials and much more.

Our hens

Laying hens: ISA Brown from Hendrix Genetics.

Soon after their birth at Avipro, when they are just tiny little chicks, our farmers take them under their wings and bring them to their new home: Starponte farms.

Once settled, the chicks are regularly checked by our technicians for the next 16 weeks to make sure they are comfortable, eating properly and getting enough sunlight to grow into happy and healthy laying hens. Once fully grown, the hens have a laying period of 90 weeks.

We care for each hen on a personal level: pick any one of them and we could tell you their whole family tree, quite literally.

Hens’ diet

Our chickens are fed a healthy, plant-based diet, with meals consisting mainly of cereals, corn and soya. But it doesn't stop there!

For their optimum well-being, we also enrich their meals with vitamins and minerals (especially calcium and phosphorus), as well as thyme and rosemary essential oils for their gut health.

They also love feasting on marigolds – one of the main reasons behind their intensely rich yolk.

When putting together our hens’ diet, we also greatly benefit from our mother brand’s extensive experience in the production of feed. But, more than great nutrition, we really want our hens to love their food.

This is why we work with MiXscience, in France, renowned for their excellent formulations and high-quality produce, and created our own certification encompassing ISO, HACCP and the industry’s best practices.