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Starponte, the label

Starponte is a certified label, issued by an independent certifier following a complete examination of the farm.The Starponte label ensures the highest quality in its products. You can trust what’s on your plate, knowing each of our eggs abide to strict food safety standards.


Confidently consume delicious, nutrient-rich, healthy eggs.


More than a label, it brings structure and ensures our eggs’ freshness on shelves.


Recycling is present at every step to minimise our footprint.

Our eggs

With our hens being fed a 100% natural diet, it’s no wonder that their eggs are not only delicious but are above all filled with goodness and nutrients. Starponte eggs: enjoy delectable moments.

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île flottante

feuilles d’oeufs au poisson salé

oeuf marbré au moelleux de sésame